Embedded Pinterest pins with the seven Reiki chakras: Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, Third Eye (Brow), and Crown chakra. Instead of creating yet another infographic with these well-known chakras, I rather reviewed and presented in detail the most beautiful creations on the net.

What are Chakras?

Chakras are believed to be invisible centres of energy in the human body, each associated with specific organs and endocrines, issues and emotions, colors and elements.

There are dozens of chakras, but the main chakras – what we call here Reiki Chakras – are just seven, located parallel with the spine:

  1. Root (Base) Chakra
  2. Sacral Chakra
  3. Solar Plexus (Navel) Chakra
  4. Heart Chakra
  5. Throat Chakra
  6. Third-Eye (Brow/Guru) Chakra
  7. Crown Chakra

I list them bottom-up in all my following tables, because the Root chakra is also known as the 1st chakra (first row in any table), followed by the Sacral chakra as the 2nd, and so on.

Lower three chakras are considered masculine in nature, higher three chakras are feminine in nature, and the heart chakra is balanced in both masculine and feminine energy, and can help to balance other chakras.

Chakras are said to be well balanced, when healthy. They may need to be balanced, when underbalanced (i.e. deficient) or overbalanced (i.e. excessive). Balancing a chakra – usually called healing the chakra – can have a physical, emotional and spiritual effect on anyone.

Reiki Chahkras Infographics

1. Know Your 7 Chakras

This gorgeous Reiki Chakras infographic shows a translucent human body and a well-balanced brief presentation of each chakra. The human body and the chakra symbols are self-explanatory for the actual location of each focal point.

Each chakra information describes by a very simple “Regulates” term what exactly is adjusted, when chakra is underbalanced (in yellow), or overbalanced (in red). “To Balance” sections show healing measures, i.e. what to do when a chakra is not balanced.

Keeping everything brief and focused helps you remember main issues associated with your chakras. But being not so verbose assumes you have some basic notions about the seven main Reiki chakras.

Here is the summary of all the information passed through this infographic, as a tabular data cheat sheet:

  Regulates To Balance
Root Chakra1. Root Chakrasecurity,
eat red berries,
wear a garnet stone,
energize your space with red
Sacral Chakra2. Sacral Chakraconfidence,
addiction issues,
emotional imbalance
wear orange clothing,
add orange to your food,
energize your space with orange
Solar Chakra3. Solar Plexus Chakrafears,
sense of power,
gut feelings
eating disorders,
loss of control
wear yellow citrine crystal,
decorate your area with yellow,
add lemon to your water
Heart Chakra4. Heart Chakracompassion,
wear jade,
eat green vegetables,
energize your space with green
Throat Chakra5. Throat Chakrasecurity,
wear lapis-lazuli,
eat blueberries,
connecting with ocean
Brow Chakra6. Third-Eye Chakraintuition,
lack of sleep,
loss of intuition
wear azurite,
use lavender oils,
connect with indigo night sky
Crown Chakra7. Crown Chakraconsciousness,
wear amethyst,
eat figs,
adorn space with violets

2. Chakra Healing with Crystals

Another gorgeous infographic, this poster – published on the Energy Muse Blog –  is focused on the crystals you may use to heal each chakra.

The background picture with the human body looks great, with its mesmerizing light effect. The info for each chakra point is structured in a uniform manner one side or the other.

Before ending up with five crystal images recommended for each Reiki chakra, it passes additional textual information related to the exact location of each focal point, the color(s) associated with it, and everything else that is related to the chakra in the spirit and body.

A few problems regarding related colors:

  • Heart chakra is NOT associated to pink, just green.
  • Third-Eye chakra is rather indigo, not purple.
  • Crown chakra’s color is just violet, not white.

Here is a summary with most of the new information passed through this infographic (including corrected colors), as a tabular data cheat sheet:

Root Chakra1. Root Chakraat the base of the spineredSmoky Quartz,
Red Garnet,
Red Jasper,
Black Onyx
Sacral Chakra2. Sacral Chakrain the lower abdomenorangeAmber,
Orange Calcite,
Tiger’s Eye
Solar Chakra3. Solar Plexus Chakrabehind the navelyellowCitrine,
Yellow Jade,
Rutilated Quartz,
Heart Chakra4. Heart Chakrain the center of the chestgreenAmazonite,
Green Calcite,
Rose Quartz
Throat Chakra5. Throat Chakrajust above the collarbone,
at the throat
Brow Chakra6. Third-Eye Chakrajust above the eyebrowindigoAmethyst,
Crown Chakra7. Crown Chakratop of the headvioletAmethyst,
Clear Quartz,
Blue Lace Agate,

3. Knowing Your Seven Chakras

This interesting colored infographic by Yoga Lifestyles has also a mesmerizing translucent body on the back and gorgeous light effects. All chakra lotus symbols include the identifying Sanskrit letter inside.

The information for each Reiki chakra is well-structured and shows:

  • the location of each focal point;
  • what each focal point regulates;
  • what areas of the human body and spirit each chakra links to;
  • what to do to balance each chakra.

Small problem: “To Balance” info for Third-Eye and Throat chakras is exactly the same.

Summary of all the info passed through this infographic, as a simple cheat sheet:

  LocationRegulatesLinksTo Balance
Root Chakra1. Root Chakrabase of spinesurvival instincts,
fight-or-flight mechanism
wear gamet stones,
eat red berries,
surround space with red
Sacral Chakra2. Sacral Chakrajust below navalcreativity,
sexual energy
wear/eat orange colors,
surround space with orange
Solar Chakra3. Solar Plexus Chakraupper abdomenself-imageaddiction,
wear yellow citrine crystal,
drink lemon water,
surround space with yellow
Heart Chakra4. Heart Chakracenter of chestcompassion,
critical of others,
trouble forgiving,
social anxiety
wear jade,
eat green veggies,
surround space with green
Throat Chakra5. Throat Chakrabase of throatcommunication,
wear turquoise/blue agate,
eat blueberries,
connect with ocean
Brow Chakra6. Third-Eye Chakraforehead between eyesintuition,
wear turquoise/blue agate,
eat blueberries,
connect with ocean
Crown Chakra7. Crown Chakratop of headconnection to the universe,
questioning existence,
wear amethyst,
eat figs,
decorate space with violets

4. Journey Through the Chakras

This well-balanced attractive infographic was made by the Yoga Journal.

The brief information for each chakra is spread around nicely in a single page with an optimized Letter format. This is important because you may easily print or include this image in a book, without having it spread on more than one page.

Each textual information contains:

  • related elements;
  • Sanskrit name of the focal point (initial in the symbol);
  • specific location within the human body;
  • associated scent;
  • related mantra;
  • related Yoga pose (also as a small image).

Here is the summary of the new info exposed in this infographic, as a tabular cheat sheet:

  Sanskrit NameScentMantraYoga Pose
Root Chakra1. Root ChakraMuladharaVetiverLamWarrior Pose
Sacral Chakra2. Sacral ChakraSwadhisthanaTangerineVamWide-Angle Seated Forward Bend
Solar Chakra3. Solar Plexus ChakraManipuraLemonRamHalf Lord of the Fishes Pose
Heart Chakra4. Heart ChakraAnahataEucalyptusYamCobra Pose
Throat Chakra5. Throat ChakraVishuddhaLavenderHamBridge Pose
Brow Chakra6. Third-Eye ChakraAjnaVanillaOmEasy Pose
Crown Chakra7. Crown ChakraSahasraraJasminesilence after OmLotus Pose

5. How to Open Blocked Chakras

That’s a high-resolution infographic by Namaste Journal, with crisp colors and fonts. I like the contrast and the fact you can read so easily everything. The top image is simple, but clear. It communicates the necessary, i.e. what all Reiki chakras are and where are they located.

Then it goes down, showing each chakra one by one with more details, on how you feel when the chakra is blocked (unchecked mark) and how you should feel with a healthy chakra (checked mark). The right and wrong marks are easy to follow.

A full positive message is highlighted at the end of each section.

My only complaint regards some unfortunate spelling errors, that could be easily fixed.

I’ll repeat here just the positive overall message for each balanced chakra, as a textual reminder:

  When Balanced...
Root Chakra1. Root ChakraWhen you begin to balance your Root Chakra,
you will feel sensible, stable and more secure.
Sacral Chakra2. Sacral ChakraWhen your Sacral Chakra is balanced,
you feel freedom and are emotionally steady,
which helps you show empathy and passion.
Solar Chakra3. Solar Plexus ChakraWhen you have a balanced Navel Chakra,
you feel in control and have a high level of self dignity.
Heart Chakra4. Heart ChakraWhen your Heart Chakra is properly balanced,
you will find yourself to be more compassionate and friendly.
Throat Chakra5. Throat ChakraWhen the Throat Chakra is properly balanced,
you find it easy to express yourself, often times turning to art.
Brow Chakra6. Third-Eye ChakraWhen balanced, you may dream a lot
and find yourself in tune with your sixth sense.
Crown Chakra7. Crown ChakraWhen yours is balanced, you feel no prejudice
and you become more aware of your place in the world.

6. The 7 Reiki Chakras of the Human Body

This infographic has maybe the most lovely and stylish top image.

However, it did not take one of the top spots because of the middle section, much too verbose for an infographic and with a very unfortunate choice for the font size. At this graph size, we should be able to read properly what’s in there with no zoom. But even with a zoom in, the text is fuzzy.

There is also some poor English inside, and confusing information. It’s said, for instance that the Root Chakra “is the most common chakra to be weakened“. But the next chart shows that actually it has the least amount of people (just 15%) having problems with this chakra.

It’s great we have a chart (I love charts)! What I don’t like is there is no source of this data. Look two graphs below and you’ll find a similar bar chart, but with slightly different values for the last two points. Hence the confusion.

My typical summary extracts just the percent of people having problems with each Reiki chakra:

  People Having Problems With
(as percent from overall)
Root Chakra1. Root Chakra15%
Sacral Chakra2. Sacral Chakra16%
Solar Chakra3. Solar Plexus Chakra18%
Heart Chakra4. Heart Chakra20%
Throat Chakra5. Throat Chakra24%
Brow Chakra6. Third-Eye Chakra24%
Crown Chakra7. Crown Chakra25%

7. Get to Know Your Chakras

Next infographic has a nice header section, with an attractive image and font styles.

Structured and condensed information for each chakra is passed in card formats in the list below. Each chakra is described by:

  • its full name;
  • its location in the human body;
  • what it’s influenced by the chakra;
  • how you may feel when it’s out of balance.

Most information here was redundant, as it already appeared in a previous table summary. So there will be no summary for this poster.

8. The Seven Chakras of the Human Body

The image presents a central body – as someone praying in a lotus position – surrounded by blocks with lots of information for each Reiki chakra.

Most of the available space is filled-in with infos. But, to be honest, I find it a bit too cluttered and verbose. So much structured textual information could be easier to remember from a tabular cheat sheet, or simple list. The goal of an infographic is to be more focused, brief and help people use their visual memory. I could hardly find one single paragraph here that would stick in my mind.

The bottom area presents a similar bar chart as the one we’ve seen before. However, the last two points have different values, and there is no way to check which is valid, because this chart skips as well a reference to its data source.

9. 7 Chakras for Beginners

This simple but effective chakra infographic is presented on The Dr. Oz Show‘s website. Lisa Oz, his wife, is a Reiki Master, and Mehmet Oz advertised a lot of alternative medicine approaches in his show over the years.

The poster helps you find out:

  • what the seven Reiki chakras are;
  • what related health “Problems” are associated with them;
  • the “Foods” you can eat or other “Solutions” to help relieve a “blocked” chakra.

3-4 recommended foods to balance a Reiki chakra are suggestively represented as small images. This makes it easy to remember them.

Here is the summary of all the information passed through this infographic, as a tabular data cheat sheet:

Root Chakra1. Root Chakracolon issues,
lower back pain,
varicose veins,
emotional issues surrounding money and security
Sacral Chakra2. Sacral Chakrainfertility,
hip pain,
sexual dysfunction,
emotional imbalances,
creative blocks
Solar Chakra3. Solar Plexus Chakragas,
liver issues,
stomach ulcers,
eating disorders,
lack of confidence,
yellow papers,
yellow lentils,
yellow squash,
Heart Chakra4. Heart Chakraheart and lung problems,
fear of intimacy
all other leafy greens
Throat Chakra5. Throat Chakrathyroid disease,
frequent sore throat,
difficulty expressing feelings
blue raspberries,
Brow Chakra6. Third-Eye Chakradepression,
poor eyesight,
hormonal imbalances,
poor intuition
purple potatoes,
purple grapes
Crown Chakra7. Crown Chakraissues with sleep/wake cycle,
feeling disconnected from your body and others,
difficulty meditating,
spiritual disconfort
fresh air,

And this is a glimpse at his What Are Chakras and How Do They Work? episode:

10. A Guide to Your Reiki Chakras

The infographic below tries to pass a lot of information for each chakra, using a lot of icons. The overall effect is very pleasant, because of the use of light and consistent colors.

As Reiki chakras are not only Reiki-related, you’ll find (on top) a Yoga pose and the Sanskrit letter traditionally associated with each chakra lotus image. Another body picture points to the relative location of each focal point. Then we go deep into additional details for each chakra: “Linked To“, “Problems” and some recommended foods (as image only).

Each of these three different sections of the poster focuses on different areas. This helps you remember specific issues related to chakras, without mixing them up with other information.

ImportantThis poster has some very serious problems. That’s why it is last in my list, and I cannot recommend it as a reliable source of information:

  • first and last areas present chakras in a different no particular order;
  • there are some obvious spelling errors;
  • the textual info for Sacral chakra and Heart chakra is the same;
  • the textual info for Throat chakra and Root chakra is the same.

This summary shows the Yoga Pose associated here with each Reiki chakra, with the Linked To and Problems sections:

  Yoga PoseLinked ToProblems
Root Chakra1. Root ChakraTreetruth,
self protection,
communication of wants
throat issues,
Sacral Chakra2. Sacral ChakraGoddesscreativity,
self respect,
female reproductive system
irritable bowel syndrome,
ovarian cysts
Solar Chakra3. Solar Plexus ChakraWarriorself worth,
power and control,
weight problems,
stomach ache,
Heart Chakra4. Heart ChakraCamelcreativity,
self respect,
female reproductive system
irritable bowel syndrome,
ovarian cysts
Throat Chakra5. Throat ChakraShoulder Standtruth,
self protection,
communication of wants
throat issues,
Brow Chakra6. Third-Eye ChakraDownward Dogclairvoyance,
self reflection,
hormonal imbalances
Crown Chakra7. Crown ChakraHeadstandpsychic centre,
connection to divine,
spiritual and mental wellbeing
learning disorders


ImportantAll these infographics are embedded as shared pins from Pinterest. In doing so, I made sure I respect any copyright issues of their authors.

But if you still have any concern about them, please send me a message. My policy is to give credits and advertise for free whatever I publish here from a third-party.

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