We use plenty of Reiki quizzes throughout the website, and this page offers you help in understanding how to use them.

Click on the image below for your first free Reiki quiz:

Usui Reiki History Quiz

Quiz Areas


  • Any quiz usually has 10 questions, with 2, 3 or 4 single choices each.
  • Each question has one and only one right answer.
  • The question itself is on top, clearly identified as such, with a question number.
  • Some questions may show a tip on the question mark from the top-right corner.
  • A question may have a top featured image.
  • Each choice entry may be represented by some text, smaller image, or both.
  • An answer detail area could show up once the quiz is completed.

Here are all these possible areas of a quiz question:


Selection colors are: blue for current, green for a correct answer, red for a wrong answer.

  • Selected text choices appear with a blue radio button.
  • Selected image choices appear with a blue frame.
  • Correct text choices may appear underlined in green when the quiz is done.
  • Correct image choices may appear with a green frame when the quiz is done.
  • Wrong text choices may appear underlined in red when the quiz is done.
  • Wrong image choices may appear with a red frame when the quiz is done.


The result area appears on top of the quiz (auto slow-scroll) after completion. It shows:

  • score: correct questions/total + percentage
  • custom message: if failed/succeeded – should have link/button to restart the test!
  • result share buttons: on Facebook/Twitter

Quiz Types

Quiz Style

There is a limited variety of quiz types, all using a consistent style:

  • same fonts: for titles, choices, tips, answer details, results.
  • capitalized statements: titles, choices, tips…
  • standard icons: for True/False, and All/None of them.
  • proportional images, with similar resolution, reused when possible.
  • same size text.
  • similar failure/success result messages.

Text Only

Text-only quizzes avoid clutter and focus on the subject matter. They are used for abstractions and other non-visual issues, or complex things.

With Question/Choice Images

A question may have one large featured image just below the title, which may refer to the question itself, and not to any specific choice. Choices may be represented with text, smaller square images, or both. There could be 2 choice images per row, so all such questions have an odd number of choices.

We try not to use both question images and choice images: questions may look too heavy. We use just a question image when the question is focused on something visual, and the choices are more academic. We use just choice images when these possibilities relate to visual objects.

Here are two such examples, for chakras: first requires to identify one chakra by its image (so one feature image is used), the other to find a chakra out of four images (represented by 4 choices).


With True/False Choices

These are simple questions with just two mutual exclusive choices: either True, or False. They can be represented with either text, or standard images (never both). We use this for very important facts or statements, which are not obvious.

With “All/None of Them” Choices

All of them (i.e. include all) can be the last question choice, which is true if all other choices are true. None of them (i.e. exclude all) can be the last question choice which is true if all other question choices are false. They can both be illustrated with either text, or a standard image (never both), similar to the True/False (with the same icons and fonts).

Single/Multi Page Quizzes

Single-Page quizzes show all questions on one single page. Click on the Finish button to end the test and scroll to the results pane on top. These tests are good for all-together areas, when you are allowed to go back and forth, make changes to any question when you wish, and take the time you want for each question. Most our quizzes are single-page.

Multi-Page quizzes show one single question per page, and you move with the Next button to the next question. Multi-page quizzes are good when you want to present just one subject at a time. You don’t get distracted by other questions, but also have a more limited area to focus on.


Timed Quizzes

These are single-pages blitz quizzes, used for already assimilated subjects. They don’t show answer details or tips (no time for this!), but they might have the same questions used in a related non-timed quiz.

A countdown on black background will appear in the top-right corner of browser’s window. It turns red for 5 seconds left, and automatically ends the quiz on zero.