This is the most complete, recent and constantly updated study of the average Reiki session cost in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada and Australia.

  1. We start with a quick update on what a Reiki session is, and in how many different ways such a Reiki healing session may take place.
  2. We get a glimpse on the average Reiki session cost in the major English-speaking countries.
  3. We show you some valuable hints on how to try cut off the price. We tell you where to look for Reiki session coupons and better deals.
  4. We end up with some surprising online services – mostly focused on Distant Reiki sessions – you may had no idea they exist.

1. What is a Reiki Session?

We call a Reiki session the period of time a recipient receives Reiki energy as treatment, channeled through a Reiki practitioner, by placing his/her hands on or above recipient’s body. Try not to confuse it with Reiki training classes, in which Reiki Masters/Teachers prepare students to become versed in Reiki as well. We’ll estimate in this topic how much a Reiki session cost.

We may recognize the following different ways to hold a Reiki healing session:

  1. In-person Reiki sessions, when the recipient and the practitioner are in the same room. Most frequently, the practitioner rents a room or does this from home, but he/she may also travel to recipient’s home address. As expected, Reiki sessions rates in this case depend a lot on the geographical location, and are outlined in the four major English-speaking countries below: US, UK, Canada and Australia. The Reiki session cost for children or seniors comes frequently with a rebate. We may also have Reiki sessions for pets, for similar lower prices. Many Reiki practitioners offer gift certificates at the same price.
  2. Reiki share sessions are groups of people coming together and getting at some point in a circle, for meditation or healing. In this Reiki exchange gatherings, like-minded Reiki believers participate in group healing treatments on each other. Reiki shares are either free or based on a small donation for the organizers: $5 or $10, what you can afford. A quick search for “Reiki Share Meetups” sends you to a world’s map with over 600 meetups and more than 130 hundred thousands members.
  3. Distant Reiki sessions, in which the Reiki energy may be sent to any other part of the globe, to try and heal the recipient. Reiki session rates are usually much cheaper, or frequently free, and do not depend on the geographical location. Distant Reiki sessions are particularly well suited for the Internet, and may also be given through videos (on YouTube), gig services like Fiverr, or mobile apps.

2. How Much Does a Reiki Session Cost?

We’ll analyze the average Reiki session cost in some major English-speaking countries: the United States and United Kingdom, Canada and Australia.

2.1. How Much is a Reiki Session in the U.S?

We looked at Reiki practitioners from different places in the United States, and found their Reiki session rates usually varying between US $40 and US $250 per hour. Big cities like New York or Los Angeles – with higher cost of living, but higher salaries as well – charge the highest rates.

It is customary to offer a better price if you pay in advance for more than one Reiki treatment session. However, each Reiki practitioner offers his/her own packages. In some cases, these in-person sessions can take less than an hour as well, in which case it will cost you less.

To get a better picture, here are seven US locations with their specific rates, in a table and on a map:

Reiki PractitionerLocationHourly RateOther Packages
New York City Reiki CenterNew York, NY$1902h Full Reiki Session for $290
Santa Monica HealingSanta Monica area, CA$1203h for $300
5h for $450
great Yelp reviews
Seattle City ReikiSeattle, WA$1204 treatments for $440
6 for $600
8 for $720
High Spirits HealingMiami area, FL$100great Yelp reviews
The Art of ReikiTroy, NY$952h for $185
3h for $265
5h for $425
Dragonfly ReikiDecatur, GA$8530 mins for $45
90 mins for $100
Healing Hands Reiki CenterMinneapolis, MN$653 sessions for $180
Reiki Session Cost in US Cities

Reiki Session Rates in Some US Cities

2.2. How Much is a Reiki Session in the U.K?

In a similar way, we looked at Reiki practitioners from United Kingdom cities, and found their Reiki session cost usually vary between £30 and £60 per hour. As expected, the London metropolitan area is the most expensive.

Here are seven UK cities with their specific rates, in a table and on a map:

Reiki PractitionerLocationHourly RateOther Packages
JL Healing
Juliet Lewis
London£504 treatments for £180
Reiki Healing
Christina Moore
Brighton£501.5h for £70
Serenity Massage & Holistic CenterGlasgow£5045 minutes for £40
Jennifer Green TherapiesLiverpool£4045 minutes for £30
Harmony Holistic HealingBelfast£35
Laura Reiki ReflexologyCardiff£35
Jacky JuenoChoppington£2030 minutes for £10
Reiki Session Cost in UK Cities

Reiki Session Rates in Some UK Cities

2.3. How Much is a Reiki Session in Canada?

Looking at Reiki practitioners from different large Canadian cities, we found Reiki session cost usually varying between CAD $50 and CAD $150 per hour. Highest Reiki session rates are in the Toronto metropolitan area. Taxes (the HST) are not usually included in the advertised hourly rate.

Here below are seven Canadian cities with their specific rates, in a table and on a map:

Reiki PractitionerLocationHourly RateOther Packages
The Rock Store
Reiki and Crystal Healing
Toronto$10090 minutes for $135
3h for $280
5h for $450
10h for $875
Reiki MontrealMontreal$853h for $260
5h for $425
8h for $640
Myorei HealingVancouver$803h for $200
6h for $400
Halifax YogaHalifax$7575 minutes for $95
90 minutes for $130
Prana HealingOttawa$604h for $200
Massage and SkincareCalgary$6030 minutes for $35
Tamara ThompsonRegina$601.5h for $85
Reiki Session Cost in Canadian Cities

Reiki Session Rates in Some Canadian Cities

2.4. How Much is a Reiki Session in Australia?

Finally, when we looked at Reiki practitioners from different places in Australia, we found Reiki session rates usually varying between AUD $50 and AUD $120 per hour. Big cities like Sydney and Melbourne may charge the highest rates, with the highest Reiki session cost.

For a better picture, here are seven Australian cities with their specific rates, in a table and on a map:

Reiki PractitionerLocationHourly RateOther Packages
Awareness HealingSydney$10090 minutes for $150
Om Reiki CentreMelbourne$100different teachers
Reiki Energy PerthPerth$100
Rainbows-n-Angels Healing CentreDarwin$90
Rainforest Reiki
Cairns$7545 minutes for $60
1.5h for $120
Brisbane Mobile Reiki TreatmentsBrisbane$601.5h for $100
Yoga and Reiki (YWE)Adelaide$60
Reiki Session Cost in Australian Cities

Reiki Session Rates in Some Australian Cities

3. Where Can I find Reiki Session Coupons?

Always google for “Reiki coupons” before jumping on a deal. Or search for Reiki treatments on large coupon sites such as Groupon or Living Social. We looked for you at several better deals, and here are some special prices for seven Reiki practitioners in US, UK, Canada and Australia, for a one hour in-person Reiki session:

Reiki PractitionerLocationRegular RateWith Coupon
Debi's Healing TouchDes Moines IA, USUS $60US $30
(50% off)
Reiki Center DaytonKettering OH, USUS $60US $35
Vanessa HarrisLondon, UK£50£18
(64% off)
Cheadle Hulme
Natural Healthcare Centre
Manchester area, UK£25£18
(28% off)
Reiki with KayaToronto ON, CanadaCAD $90CAD $33
(63% off)
Tranquil Touch ServicesSurrey BC, CanadaCAD $60CAD $29.50
(up to 56% off )
Salus Beauty and Day SpaSydney, AustraliaAUS $99AUS $39

We also analysed the regular and reduced Reiki session cost for a dozen large US cities on Groupon. The chart shows most deals offer 50% off or more. Largest cities – such as New York, San Francisco or Miami – where prices were already high, usually offer the best deals. The average reduced price for a one hour Reiki session seems to be around US $40, no matter where you are:

There are a few Reiki organizations providing free occasional services as charity, for very sick people, such as the Free Reiki 4 Cancer Program, founded by Kerri Draper in 2009.

4. What Are the Distant Reiki Session Rates?

Distant Reiki sessions are very well suited for the online environment. Go on a website like Fiverr and look for Reiki “gigs. You’ll find plenty, most of them starting at just US $5, for a very low Reiki session cost. Here are some best sellers we selected and analyzed for you:

Reiki "Gig"Price per GigFive-Star Reviews
I Will Send A Powerful Distant Reiki HealingUS $10over 1100
I Will Send Powerful Distant Energy Healing Using ReikiUS $10 and moreover 900
I Will Do Reiki For 30 MinsUS $10over 600
I Will Reverse Any Spell Using Reiki EnergyUS $10over 450
I Will Send Continuous Distant Reiki Healing For 3 DaysUS $5 and moreover 350
I Will Send You Powerful Distant Reiki Or Cosmic EnergyUS $10 and moreover 250
I Will Do Money Reiki Healing Sessions For One WeekUS $5over 200

Most if not all reviews are genuine, as sellers use to offer 100% satisfaction guaranteed and do not accept other than 5-star reviews. Looking at thousands of satisfied customers, we may say people are happy having someone sending them good energy:

Reiki Testimonials on Fiverr

5. What About Some Free Reiki Sessions (with Zero Reiki Session Cost)?

Many distant Reiki sessions are free (no Reiki session cost at all) and come in different presentation formats:

  1. Requests to send Reiki energy left through a website form or in a comment:
  2. In the surprising world of Reiki, you will also find free mobile apps, such as:
  3. Finally, some Reiki Masters offer online videos with free Reiki sessions:


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