Let me show you some interesting and somehow unexpected statistics on searches with the “reiki” term in them. I present all these Reiki trends dynamically, with either a Google Trend plugin, or interactive and animated chart infographics.

General Interest in Reiki

Worldwide Interest in Reiki Over the Years

This is the general trend on all worldwide searches with “reiki, since 2004 (when this data became available through Google Trends) until now, April 2018 (and I’ll try to update it frequently). As expected, Reiki was very trendy in the 90s, then the interest gradually diminished over the years.

When we mention searches, or Internet searches, we refer here just at the Google searches, as Google Trends collects data only from its own engine. However, searches on the Google engine are more than 65% of all total Internet searches. So we get some good estimates after all.

The good news is it looks like we’re on a rather stable path now, as it remained almost constant for the last 5 years. This means people show more or less the same interest in all things combined about Reiki.

Move the mouse over the dynamic chart, to see a tooltip. All Google Trends positive values show a maximum relative factor of 100 – like in the 100%.

The “What is Reiki” Trend

An even better news is when we look separately at the trend for the “what is reiki” question, we find out people actually become more interested in Reiki over the years! This means more and more people look for information about Reiki, but for different reasons a large number of them don’t end-up by being hooked up.

The huge number of alternative energy healing methods today could be a factor, of course. And, on the other side, we also know people are interested today in alternative solutions to the traditional medical approach. So the overall trend for all Reiki searches combined could be on the raise again soon.

Interest in Reiki Over the Years in the West

Maybe the biggest fall, in the interest in Reiki overall, has been exactly in those economically developed English-speaking countries where the New Age movement was at its peak in the 90s.

I selected below trend values every two years, from 2004 to 2018, for US, UK, Canada and Australia, for all “reiki” searches combined.

Move your mouse over the graphs to see exact numbers in tooltips. Move over a specific legend item to highlight one line. Click on legend items to hide or show their related graphs.

Once again, the numbers look bad at the beginning, but they stabilize by 2012-2014 and even show a slight raise since 2016, for most of these countries.

It looks like Australia was at the beginning the most interested in Reiki, among all these four countries, then it took the biggest fall.

The trending numbers are still too close to drive a conclusion, but they look definitely optimistic: they show that the overall people’s interest in Reiki could increase every year in the near future.

Countries Most Interested in Reiki Today

Surprisingly, when you look at the countries most interested in Reiki at this point in time (April 2018) – i.e. those countries where the trend in Internet searches with “reiki” is highest – you find a huge number of latin countries. Portuguese-speaking countries (Portugal and Brasil), and Spanish-speaking countries (Uruguay, Argentina, Chile, Spain, Mexico) got the fever of Reiki!

Move over a bar to see exact values in tooltips.

ImportantThere could be a boom on the way in people suddenly interested in Reiki from Latin America and the Iberian Peninsula!

This could be a great business opportunity, and people may start looking more and more for training in those areas! Are you ready?…

Reiki Sessions vs Reiki Courses

This is another interesting trend for these past 14 years: when you compare the overall searches with two terms – “reiki sessions” and “reiki courses” – you see the interest in training was still much higher at the beginning, while not enough interest was shown for Reiki sessions.

We might have had too many Reiki teachers for all people actually interested in Reiki sessions. Or it was still a period of catching up with the demand.

The interest in Reiki training diminished anyway over the years, while people started to look more and more for healing sessions. Since 2013, they seem to go hand in hand. And we have now a very similar interest of people in both Reiki courses and Reiki sessions.

Reiki Crystals vs Reiki Angels vs Reiki Chakra

This dynamic chart (move the mouse over the graph to see tooltips) compares three Reki-related searches, just to surprise some differences. The searches for chakras in Reiki look more than twice the total searches combined for Reiki Crystals and Reiki Angels.

And people started to gradually look slightly more for crystals, than angels. The way it looks like now shows promising opportunities for Reiki Crystals, if it continues to raise this way.

Regional Interest in Reiki

The following dynamic maps show the regional interest level in Reiki, based on the trend for all Internet searches with “reiki” in the first three months of 2018.

You may:

  • switch between the map view and a list view (with regions sorted by total searches);
  • walk over multiple list pages;
  • show cities (or metro areas) instead of subregions (states).

Regional Interest in Reiki in the United States

Most interest in Reiki is in the North-Eastern states: Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Rhode Island, Connecticut, and Massachusetts. This region looks like a very stronghold for Reiki!

Switch to Metro view, for a slightly different perspective: the Portland-Auburn metropolitan area, in Maine, gets the most searches.

In City view, you get Milpitas, Sterling and Las Vegas as the US cities most addicted to Reiki…

Regional Interest in Reiki in the United Kingdom

Northern Ireland and Scotland are the most addicted to Reiki, and England comes third (before Wales).

Switch to the City view to determine the cities with most searches: Bournemouth, Thames Ditton, Edinburgh, Aberdeen etc…

You may “Include low search volume regions“, if you want even more data.

Regional Interest in Reiki in Canada

New Brunswick, Saskatchewan, and Alberta are the top 3 Canadian provinces with most Reiki searches. With New Brunswick by far the most addicted: with almost 1/3 higher trends than the next province!

Switch to the City view to see the Canadian cities with most searches: Fredericton, Red Deer, Moncton and Oakville.

Include low search volume regions” if you want even more data.

Regional Interest in Reiki in Australia

Switch to the list of Australian subregions to see the list of states with top “reiki” searches: Victoria, Western Australia, Queensland and Tasmania.

In City view, you get another perspective. Switch to the list of cities, to see how Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Perth and Melbourne have the most addictive to Reiki Aussies.


Looking at these trends, there could be some interesting business opportunities here, if you teach Reiki courses, if you are a Reiki practitioner, or if you provide any other Reiki goods. The trends alone should not make you take a decision, you should also check the search volumes! If enough people are looking for something you provide, it could be good for you as well.

You may reuse the chart infographics on your own website, providing you keep them unchanged and you link to this page with a regular hyperlink. Giving us credit is all we ask for.

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